Game. Set. Match.

New York femcee Azealia Banks is on her best way to stardom. There is no doubt the 20 year old rap machine will take the lead in the industry very soon. In fact, what she accomplished within the last year is quite impressive.

She finished 3rd for BBC’s “Sound of 2012”. She released her debut single “212” (feat. Lazy Jay) which catapulted her to the top of the UK charts and others.She’s said to be Lagerfeld’s new muse, was praised for her killer set at this year’s “Coachella” and she’s currently working with a bunch of top-notch producers like Paul Epworth, Diplo and the one and only Missy Elliott.

This year finally sees the release of her “1991” EP (due this summer) and her debut album “Broke with Expensive Taste” which is slated for September.
It’s gonna be exciting how things will turn out for A-Banks.
Watch out, Nicki!

You can now listen to “212” and the incredibly sick “Bambi” and let you convince by her talent. Rrraah!



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